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Tracing The Stars

I read mostly science fiction and romance, and often a combination of the two.

It's all about perspectives. This was a complicated story that centered around Devin, his hang ups, fears and evolving perspectives. I think it's going to take a mature reader to understand all the underlying complexities that are threaded throughout. Yes, people really do act and think this way. People really can get so caught up on the ideas they create in their heads that they make those ideas their reality, walking around completely blind to all the real signs right in front of their face.

Dev's been infatuated with his best friend, Michael, since 13. Mike loves Dev, like a brother and is also one-hundred percent straight. Their roommate, Sam, wants Dev, but Dev is too hung up on Mike, the idea that Same and their neighbor Lee are better for each other, and that Dev isn't good enough for anyone in a serious relationship. Dev thinks he reads Sam like an open book, but the truth is that Dev can't read anyone, especially not the guy looking back at him in the mirror.

The story could use an editor for flow and style, but this was a freebie, so I won't hark to much on that. Also, for Savannah, Georgia, I kept getting a really weird U.K. vibe from the story and some of the dialogue.