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Bitter Reflections (Coffee Cafe, #1) - C.R. McBride Aug 30th - A new "edited" version of this book has been provided by Kindle. I have removed rating until I have a chance to read the new version. Once new version has been read, I will update my review.

Previous review:
This was a freebie via Kindle. I hate giving one stars, and I also hate discussing editing as being a reason for low ratings, but I could not finish this book because it was unreadable. I tried, but after 30% of trying to get past the lack of punctuation, typos, run-on sentences and having a very hard time figuring out what was going on and who was saying what, I had to raise the white flag. Disappointing, as the premise is interesting and there seems to be the good bones of a story there, but it really needs an editor's touch. I wish the author all the best and I think C.R. could bring some interesting stories to the table. I think this is C.R.'s first/debut novel, so again I feel bad about the one star, but I also believe in honest critique and honest reviews. I hope C.R. can perhaps get a good editor's assistance and I'd be happy to give the novel a try again and adjust my rating in the future if it is edited.