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Fall (The Senses #3)

Fall (The Senses #3) - Cindy Paterson Best yet in the series. Paterson offers up another heart-pounding, gut-wrenching and fast paced story filled with turmoil, grit, passion and ire. Waleron and Delara finally get their full story, complete with intro chapters that give the reader a back story that fills in the gaps felt when reading the first two books. Added into the chaotic-tragedy-tornado that is Delara and Waleron is the bastard Tarek, who is rising from Rest after serving a twenty year sentence beating Delara almost to death, and the Talde from Spain, Xamien. It's three men fighting for ownership of Delara, one for revenge, one for her protection and one for her heart - but Delara won't be tamed or give in so easily.

This book doesn't let you put it down. It keeps your fingers tapping your kindle as each twist and turn leads full speed into the next harrowing scene or conversation. There is so much pushing and pulling going on that it was hard to find a breather at times, or a place where I felt comfortable pausing the story so I could go to bed. It is intense and keeps up the momentum until the very last page.

There is also story development for Damien and Abby as well as the introduction of Max and the return of Jasper. It looks like the set up for the next book will be for Jasper and Max and perhaps some more Damien and Abbs. Looking forward to it.