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Tangled Fates (Six Saviors, #5)

Tangled Fates (Six Saviors, #5) - Carly Fall I am a bit mixed on this one. I loved Annis. She is a beautifully strong character. However, I almost felt as if her dealing with what happened to her was not dealing with it at all. It isn't just something that even the strongest person can brush off, get over or just put behind them that soon. So I had issues with the way that was handled. The battle between Cohen and Blake was a great point of conflict, added to Cohen's own internal conflict. I wish there had been more of it, though, between Blake and Cohen. Once again, Blake gets the short end of the stick, poor guy This book made me like Blake's character even more, and Nico might be an interesting character to explore since he, like Annis, is seeing Earth with fresh eyes. Since the mystery two females were mentioned, I have an inkling where that is headed. But why, oh why Talin. My heart bleeds. I understand Fall's need to do this, doesn't make it hurt any less. I know she has broken a few hearts, but I think it was a good ending for Talin's character. The romance and intimacy in this book was much lighter than any of the previous books, which did leave me feeling a tad bit put out, but it was understandable with all the conflict that had to be dealt with in the aftermath of the previous book. All in all, another good, solid sci-fi romance novel and addition to the Six Saviors series.