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Just Breathe (Just Breathe, #3)

Just Breathe (Just Breathe, #3) - Kendall Grey A great finale to the series, but not as good as the first two. The writing near then end became a bit rough and choppy. The first half of this book hooked into my heart and pulled. I had to put it down for a day and come back to it after recovering. It was that good. The second half fizzled on me. I did find myself skimming a little through all the battle scenes and there was certainly some stuff left up in the air. I am wondering If there is going to a 4th in the series that could carry on the story of perhaps Jack's team, Siinder, Hawthorn, etc. If there is, I would be mighty happy! All in all a wonderful series, and Gavin will have you loving him and rooting for him till the very end.