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Exhale (Just Breathe, #2)

Exhale (Just Breathe, #2) - Kendall Grey This book is an emotional roller coaster on high speed after eating way to many funnel cakes and corndogs, or as the character Adriene so eloquently put it "Christ in a crack house." (yeah, I laughed at that one for a while). Zoe and Gavin were both excellent in this follow up, but my favorite character in this is actually Siinder and his developing character, including the mystery surrounding his backstory. I have some definite hunches on him and will see what happens in book 3.

*Exhales* The ending... It tore so hard at my heartstrings. I knew it was coming. I wagered that Grey would go there, and she did. Did she ever. Not the "safe" route most authors would have taken, Let's face it, most authors would have just had Gavin "kill" Zoe instead of actually going through the the sex scene involving Scarlet wearing Zoe's appearance. Poor Gavin. Poor, poor Gavin. Talk about completely brutalizing the heart and soul of a guy? Most authors would have avoided this because they would have been afraid at alienating some of the readers who would have serious issues with it. I have serious issues with it,The romantic in me died a little and then became seriously pissed off at Grey when that special gift that was to be between Gavin and Zoe (condom-free) was stolen from them. and it bugs me more and more as I think about it, but man, I applaud Grey for doing it. I am so curious to see how it plays out in book 3. I mean, what would I do? How would I feel? Would I be able to get over it? No, probably not. But, I'm pulling for Gavin.