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Inhale (Just Breathe, #1)

Das Quälen des Körpers - Eine historische Anthropologie der Folter - Peter Burschel, Götz Distelrath, Sven Lembke Finished this last night - as in I stayed up way later than I should so I could finish it. I couldn't put it down. This book takes a deep dive into Australian folklore and aboriginal culture. Although I can understand some readers' reluctance or a feeling of being lost as there wasn't much preface given before you are literally dumped into the Dreaming / Dreamstime, if you keep an open mind and keep reading, the explanations are given over time in a splendid example of universe building at its best.

There are two parallel story lines to this book. One takes place in the Dreaming and the other in Realis (Reality). They are wonderfully interwoven and are both well executed. Both of the main characters are strong, believable and have great chemistry. There are also a few twists and turns that will have you wondering just who is on whose side until the end and beyond. The writing it tight. The author has a talent for tossing phrases.

A warning - this is a series and the story of Zoe and Gavin continues on in the second book. The author did give a "happy for now" for those of you who demand it. I think this may actually be my only negative for this book. I didn't like the HFN - I would have preferred for the ending to ((Don't click unless you read it!)) For her to find the bird at the bar and not find Gavin until the book 2. With the way book 1 ended, although I am curious about the storyline for book 2, I am not hungry for it. That is probably my only negative.