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Darkness Arisen (Order of the Blade #6)

Darkness Arisen (Order of the Blade #6) - Stephanie Rowe The new direction of the series is carried further in this book with more searches for angles, a larger role of demons and the wizard Warwick who orchestrated the chaos in book 5 for Kane and cursed Ian's family 600 years prior. This book was a leap for me, especially with the underwater scenes, the Mageaan and the dolphins. Parts of it felt strange, but the concepts themselves were nicely done and explained. My whole enjoyment of this book came from Ian's character and the cameos played by Ryland, Kane and Thano. Alice got on my nerves in more than a few spots, but by the end she had redeemed herself as a strong character. The writing in this book was the best so far and that, along with Ian, led to three stars. Looking forward to Ryland's story in the next book.