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Darkness Reborn (Order of the Blade #5)

Darkness Reborn (Order of the Blade #5) - Stephanie Rowe 3.5 stars. Not sure where to start with this review. From the moment that Sarah's origin was revealed, I knew this was going to be a struggle for me to finish. While I appreciate the ideas behind the concept of both Sarah and Kane's origin stories, it was a mental stretch to keep my mind from groaning. The repetitive fluff was rampant in this book, but under that there was an interesting story and some really good characters. Nonny is what brought this story to 4 stars for me. Loved every bit of her character and what she added to the story. I also liked Ryland's progression in the story. When Warwick showed up and pulled out a wand... I almost threw my kindle against the wall.

This book made me miss Ezekiel as a the story's lead villain so much. I really liked the way the Calydons and their history was explained and carried through the first 3 books in the series, but now it's been replaced or augmented with angles, demons and wizards. Not sure where it's going, not sure I will like where it's heading, but I still want to find out what happens to Ian, Ryland and my throb Thano. But, if Thano gets stripped of everything that made him a unique character in this series from all the damaged and dark brooding muscle filling up the Order, I will be severely disappointed.