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Beyond Pain (Beyond, #3)

Beyond Pain (Beyond, #3) - Kit Rocha *deep breath* Oh my. I knew I would have a hard time putting this book down, but this was ridiculous. I think I may have stopped to eat. Once. I think. I have been looking forward to this book for so long, even though the Kit duo push these books out at a very reasonable time frame. This was the book though, for me. The one book in the series that had me completely riveted since the very first one. Bren and Six.

I don't often put quotes or meme images in my reviews, but this book actually had me highlighting things.

Maybe if she filled her head with enough good things, the bad ones would topple out the back

That quote sums up a good part of Six's struggle. Her struggle to relax, to stop biting outstretched hands. Her struggle to trust. Her struggle find a different reason and a different way to fight. What she found was Brendan Donnelly.

"I know." Her laughter tickled his skin. "You're my favorite of all the people who've ever kidnapped me."
It was sweet, in a sad, twisted sort of way - which pretty much described both of them perfectly. "You're absolutely my favorite person I've veer kidnapped."

Bren. Bren. His character is so roughly beautiful it's painful in the good sort of way that gives you an idea why he licks Ace's bullwhip so much.

These two characters are the focus for beyond Pain, but their story is intertwined by all that is going on in the O'Kane compound in Sector Four and the newly granted territory of Sector Three. Sector Thee is in a rough state, Trent's bad leadership having left it in a ruined, fermented state of decay. Dallas sends Bren and Six in to clean it up. While they work to reorganize the sector and put an end to the kind of business Dallas wont tolerate, Six and Bren begin taking steps to a middle ground between them, where the past isn't thrown away but built over and where all that remains is a bond dependent on the giving and acceptance of trust.

Boarding the edges of Bren and Six's story is the continued partnership of Lex and Dallas, as well as the continued trio of Ace, Cruz and Rachael dancing around one another. The next book is for them and I'm curious to see how that plays out, especially after the last Cruz chapter. (*fist pump cheer*)