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I read mostly science fiction and romance, and often a combination of the two.

Playing the Part (Entangled Brazen)

Playing the Part - Robin Covington Realistic Hollywood romance with a strong atypical female protag and three-dimensional, steamy male lead. No insta-love, no melodrama. Well written with well written, believable characters. Piper was a refreshing female lead with curves, witt and sets her own rules when it comes to the bedroom. Mick, the male lead, was a playboy - not something I am usually happy about or enjoy reading, but the way he was written offered some interesting insight into his character and what's expected of a hollywood actor. Mick and Piper had a good dynamic and played off each other really well. For a story that isn't usually in my interest (hot hollywood playboy actors), I really enjoyed it. I'll be looking at grabbing more books by this author.