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Darkness Surrendered (Order of the Blade #3)

Darkness Surrendered - Stephanie Rowe This was a quick read for me because I found myself skimming endless pages of repetitive internal dialogue again. I liked Elijah and Ana, their stories and their conflict. I liked the story line overall with Ezekiel, the progression, Drew's part, and the twists between Ezekiel and Ana and Elijah. I liked the way Ezekiel was written (not a one sided villain). The beginning of the book is fantastic, but once again I found the middle muddled and drowning in "surprise" (but not really) plot-details. The intimacy scenes, for the most part, made me laugh, which I don't think was the point, mostly because Ana and Elijah couldn't seem to get it on without some sort of audience (conscious or otherwise) or a heated battle raging around them with weapons flying in the air. MajorAlthough I am curious to see what happens to Drew (will he become the new Ezekiel?), I feel like the death of Ezekiel was to soon, too easy. Would have liked more Ezekiel. With that part of the series arc over, I am not hungry for the next book. I will most likely continue with the series at some point.