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Beyond Control (Beyond, Book Two)

Beyond Control - Kit Rocha So close to giving this one five stars. There was a great deal more of world building in book 2, with an introduction to the sector leaders, sector politics and more character story development for most of the main characters. The relationship building with Lex and Dallas is intense, intense enough for it to have stood on its own without the thirty page sex scene in the middle. I can understand what the authors were trying to accomplish with it as it broke down Lex's defenses, but it just dragged and dragged. I much preferred the scenes where Lex and Dallas were at each other's throats and Lex was using her mouth to speak her mind instead of sucking Dallas.

Loved the side chapters with Bren and Six. I love how both characters are being developed, and I feel more of a connection with those two than any of the other characters in the book. Looking forward to book 3 for that reason.