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Questionable start, hot middle, heart-plucking end

And Then It Happened: An Unexpected Romance - Annie Green

This book was almost a DNF for me. Due to the massive size of my TBR pile, I'm no longer slogging through books that don't make me want to read them by the third chapter. This one almost lost me the moment the H, Adrian, sent the h, Jane, a vibrator. 


Seriously. The guy, her next door neighbor she despises but secretly crushes on, sends her a mail-order vibrator by the second chapter. It was a bit creepy, but then you start to get to know Adrian. It fit his personality, which is brash. He's also a manwhore, which isn't my favorite type of H in a romance. By then end of the book, however, I was glad I stuck with it and I liked the Adrian that was hidden under all the sex talk and shallow one-nighters.


There is a lot of sex talk in this book; almost to the point of it being more an erotica romance instead of a heated romance. The sex itself, however, isn't actually all that explicit, and much of it is fade to black / left to your imagination. Adrian gives you plenty to imagine, however, so you aren't left wanting for tension and heated moments. 


The h, Jane - I had a meh feeling towards here much of the time, but I liked how she stood her ground (mostly) with Adrian and didn't give into his crap. She was a bit floundery at points. There was some sense that she was exploring her sexuality, growing in her understandings of what she wanted and was willing to go after. She was just a tad too stubborn for the sake of plot in some places.


The plot of the book is all about Adrian and Jane's development of enemy to friends to friends with benefits to more... with no real sub plot or story, aside from Jane's art, Craig and Adrian's family. 


It was a good palate-cleanser, and it was only 1$, so I say give it a read, give it a few chapters to grow on you, and be prepared for lots and lots of sex talk.