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Am I in a Beautiful Disaster Time-Warp?

Beautiful Oblivion - Jamie McGuire

Jamie McGuire's new book in the Maddox series, Beautiful Oblivion, is more on the mature end than Beautiful Disaster, but it feels like a repeat of the same story. 


  • Girl meets Maddox
  • Maddox falls head over heals
  • Girl has 'nice guy' boyfriend as a reason to keep Maddox at bay
  • Girl has a best friend/roommate who is in a crazy but loving relationship (only this time the guy isn't really good friends with Maddox, but they do know each other)
  • Girl and Maddox agree to be 'just friends', despite there being obvious mutual attraction
  • Maddox meets the family to save girl from dealing with crap family alone


And that's as far as I've read so far... but this is feeling like a rehash of the same basic characters and story premise. 


It's not a bad book; not at all. There is a lot less crazy-train melodrama in it; I guess I was just hoping for something a bit more.... original? 

*book received as part of a Klout Perk (thanks Klout!)