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Well, that was awkward...

Beautiful Oblivion  - Jamie McGuire

That's how I feel after reading what's on the last page of this book. A whole lot of awkward.


As I mentioned in my earlier post, this new Maddox boys installment from Jamie McGuire isn't a bad book. I rather enjoyed parts of it. I just can't give it more than three stars for the following reasons.


One, much of it feels way too similar to Beautiful Disaster. It's less crazy-train (thank goodness) and more maturely written, but everything feels like deja'vu. If I hadn't already read Beautiful Disaster, I think I'd probably have enjoyed this book a bit more. Here are the ways I found it to be very similar:


  • Girl meets Maddox
  • Maddox falls head over heals (there is a slightly different twist to this, but won't give it away for spoiler/plot reasons)
  • Maddox comes on super strong
  • Girl has 'nice guy' boyfriend as a reason to keep Maddox at bay
  • Girl has a best friend/roommate who is in a crazy but loving relationship (only this time the guy isn't really good friends with Maddox, but they do know each other)
  • Girl and Maddox agree to be 'just friends', despite there being obvious mutual attraction
  • Maddox meets the family to save girl from dealing with crap family alone
  • Girl has deep secret she is afraid to reveal


Then there was the ending. The big huge reveal made so much in the book feel inconsistent... and quite awkward... It left me feeling unsettled instead warm-fuzzies like a HEA should give me.


Again, this is a good book, so I say give it a try, but for me it was three stars.
I received a copy thanks to a Klout perk and the above is my honest opinion.