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Cheeky exploration of a 21 year old virgin's quest for self identity

V!RG!N - Radhika Sanghani

This is a recommended read for girls 17 and up. I'd actually like to recommend it for girls 13 and up, but due to some sexual content, I can't without people tossing pitchforks at me. This is a book I think all women, especially those considering becoming sexually active, should read. It deals with an under-discussed topic in a witty, entertaining way that has several poignant life lessons.


In the book, Ellie is a 21-year-old virgin. It explores the social stigma associated with virgins, the internal and self-labeled stigma Ellie and many girls feel, as well as many myths, truths, and realities surrounding relationships and sexual activity. Ellie's thoughts and misconceived notions on the subject drive the story forward and address many important issues with today's view on sexual activity. 


I found Ellie's lack of knowledge to be an important discussion. An only child whose parents didn't discuss the issues surrounding sex, she was left clueless and garnering most of her info from bad experiences, friends and the internet. One of her friends, Emma, serves as a strong juxtaposition who offers important pieces of advice for both Ellie and the reader.


The story also includes a blog that Ellie begins keeping, hoping to give other girls advice on things she learns - everything from relationship issues to getting her first Brazilian wax. These entries were both entertaining and somewhat informative. The books ends with yet another important lesson that I think many teen girls could take to heart.


The only real issue I had with the book was that it was based in the UK, so some of the lingo was lost on me. 

Note: I was given a copy of this book by the publisher with the request for honest feedback.