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Treasure hunting in space!

In the Devil's Nebula (The Phoenix Adventures Book 2) - Anna Hackett

I’ve read one book previously by Anna Hackett – The Time Thief, and I remember enjoying it. I haven’t read the first book in The Phoenix Adventures series, but after reading In The Devil’s Nebula, I’ll be back-tracking and reading it (At Star’s End) while I impatiently wait for book 3 to be published. It was that good. I loved it.


Although I do recommend reading book series in order, I didn’t find myself lost or confused by starting with book 2. In The Devil’s Nebula is a wonderfully written space adventure full of treasure hunts, history, excellent world building, fun characters, assassin fighters and intriguing mystery. Oh, and there’s also a great romance! These are all the things I love to read in Science Fiction Romance, and that’s why it’s earned the 5-OHMYGAWDMOAR-Stars rating.


I admit, going into this book, part of the plot made me go … meeeeh really? They’re treasure hunting for the gun that killed Abraham Lincoln? In Space? In a star system far-far away? Whaaaaat?


Hold on – wait. It’s explained in the book in a neat way, as is all the treasure the Phoenix Brothers hunt for – the remaining pieces of Human history. It turns out to be a nifty part of Hackett’s writing. She mixes old Earth references and history with a Human society far-flung into the future; Human history becoming the ancient artifacts of the future and what other alien civilizations go all Indiana Jones over.


This hooked me early on. I enjoyed the treasure hunting aspect more than I thought I would. Added onto this is a story that involves a heartbreaking tragedy of Zayn and the mystery surrounding a guild assassin who looks like a girl he used to know. This mystery will keep you guessing, and there are many twists and turns that didn’t go where I thought they would go, which made it a good read. I like not being right. I like it when an author surprises me.


The romance between Zayn and Ria also has a few good twists in it that made it interesting and believable. Ria does feel an odd attraction to Zayn, but it’s part of the mystery surrounding why she looks so much like the girl he knew. They have good chemistry together, as well as a few good stumbles. Zayn is a lovable guy and Ria kicks much butt. I loved her character.


The side cast is filled with many great characters that make me want to go back and read book 1 and look forward to book 3. I want to know more about their story, and I want another treasure-hunt adventure because In The Devil’s Nebula was so much fun to read. This book is recommended for anyone who enjoys space adventures, treasure hunts, mystery and a good romance.


I was provided a copy by the publisher with the request for honest feedback.