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Tracing The Stars

I read mostly science fiction and romance, and often a combination of the two.

Mixed sci-fi genre short story collection

Infinite Science Fiction One - Dany G. Zuwen, Joanna Jackson, Janka Hobbs, Elizabeth Bannon, P. Anthony Ramanauskas, John Walters, Nick Hilbourn, Jay Wilburn, Rebecca Ann Jordan, Matthew S. Dent, William Ledbetter, Doug Tidwell, Michaele Jordan, Liam Nicholas Pezzano, J.B. Rockwell, Daniel Devine, Tim

This a collection of science fiction stories by various authors. While I prefer to read short-story collections that have some sort of joining themes, the variety of science fiction and the quality of the stories makes up for this. There is a bit of something for everyone here - including time-travel, exploration, horror, romance, artificial intelligence and speculative science.

Not all the stories were a hit with me, but none of them were complete misses, either. My two favorite stories were probably the first story, 'Real', and another called 'The Silent Dead'. Even the stories I didn't particularly care for were well written, and I simply didn't care for them because they aren't a story type I like. 'The Wedding', for example, is horror more than science fiction to me, but it was well done regardless.

A few of the stories did feel clipped at the end, even for short-stories. Some felt unresolved. One of the hardest aspects about writing short fiction is the ending - leaving the reader appeased and not making the story feel like it's been abruptly cut off.

Overall, this is a recommended read for science fiction fans.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher with a request for honest feedback.