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I read mostly science fiction and romance, and often a combination of the two.


Threshold - Lexi Stone Book 1, Wanderlust, was good. 'Threshold' was powerfully great. It hit hard and deep, and it ended in an unexpected but wonderful (non cliff-hangy) way. It's left me hoping there will be a book 3 so I can continue along side Shea and Jamie's journey.

Shea returns back to his picket-fence life after a life-changing experience in the cabin where Jamie made him evaluate everything. Shea finds the return eye-opening, realizing that perhaps Jamie was right about Shea's sterile existence being empty and meaningless. Just when Shea begins to miss Jamie to the point of bitterness, Jamie shows up on his doorstep. Jamie is just as surprised by where his feet (and heart) led him as Shea. What follows has Jamie asking hard questions about himself, and Shea making a decision that could flip both their lives upside down.

Everything about the way this novella was written felt raw - but in that good way that leaves your chest aching slightly as you read it, and your eyes fighting between slowing down to read each important, beautiful word, and speeding up in a desperate desire to find out what happens. Loved every page, wishing for more.