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Beloved Enemy (Gaian Series #2)

Beloved Enemy (Gaian Series #2) - Janet Miller There were parts about this book that I really enjoyed and almost loved. Mea and Kavath are both good characters, the world building was very well done and I enjoyed the romantic elements as well as the survivalist elements. There was so much cliche in the book, though, that I had to read it with a cheesy grin almost the entire time. Earth is at galactic war with aliens. Earth female (who at least in this book isn't a total dimwit) gets into a situation where she is confronted with alien hunk who just happens to be her "match" and a perfect man. Alien hunk is idealist (war bad, vegetables good), on the alpha side, sweet, smart, has survivor skills, is a virgin, wants one women and kids and wants to be a provider.
Cliches aside, I did enjoy the quick read, so four stars for cheese and crackers.