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Tracing The Stars

I read mostly science fiction and romance, and often a combination of the two.

Something Real

Something Real - Julia Alaric Freebie Novella. This was more science fiction than romance, but that wasn't an issue because the science fiction was interesting. Sean and Evan are workers at Earth's first space colony. It's never mentioned what planet it's on, how they got there or what year it is. It's all left to speculation, but the colony world building was well done for a short novella. Evan is an architectural engineer and Sean is a software engineer. Evan misses the colors of Earth in the drab environment of the colony while Sean misses real music and real human creativity. When a problem with the light-shields develops, Sean and Evan must work together to find a solution or the colony could be lost. I liked Sean's socially awkward yet brash character juxtaposed to Evan's more reserved, quiet nature.