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I read mostly science fiction and romance, and often a combination of the two.


Freefall - Tess Oliver This was an enjoyable and quick read. I really liked the mute aspect of Scotlyn and Nix was a heartfelt character. I really appreciated the duality of Lincoln in this; sure the guy was a bastard, but you could catch glimpses that he may not have always been that way and that he was struggling with his own demons. The side characters were also all full of their own life and could easily carry their own breakway books, which is what I was expecting as it seems to be the norm these days for books like this to be the set up for a series. Surprisingly, there were no real open ends left at the end of the book, though. All the characters seemed to get wrapped up. I appreciated that but I was also slightly disappointed by that. I would have loved a Clutch/Taylor book or a Cass/Dray book in the future.