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The Nightlife: Paris (The Nightlife, #3)

The Nightlife: Paris (The Nightlife, #3) - Travis Luedke For the third installment in the Nightlife series, Luedke takes on a more mature tone, presenting a well constructed tale that mingles both past and present Paris, revealing Michelle's back story and finding Aaron in emotional turmoil as he struggles to deal with the loss suffered in book 2. There is still some of the same fun you have come to expect from the series, but there is a richer, meatier undertone to the entire book. Michelle's story is revealed through a first person narrative recount and includes her time in Paris before and during the Nazi occupation of WWII, as well as her own Vampire Master. The tale is gritty and at times painful to read because of the torturous relationship and control of Michelle's violent, abusive Master. Aaron is completely out of his element in Paris, and watching him cope with his emotional imbalance while dealing with Parisians made for some enjoyable moments. I did find myself missing the lighter tone of books 1 and 2 at certain points in this book, wishing for a small break in the gloom