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Las Vegas (The Nightlife, #2)

Las Vegas (The Nightlife, #2) - Travis Luedke Take two Vampires, a down on her luck Gypsy, a corrupt casino owner, a jealous heroine dealer, copious amounts of said heroin and alcohol, four crazy nights in Vegas and stick them in a high Nevada desert whirlwind and out comes The Nightlife: Las Vegas. This book is a dizzying blur from start to very unexpected finish, giving the reader the feeling of being on the same bender as the characters. The party never stops, from expensive dining and gambling to jello wrestling and drug-induced sexual binges. A very enjoyable book that at times reads like a Tarantino flick mixed in with The Hangover a bit of Fear & Loathing and the craziest possible wild Vegas party you can think of. Just when you think what is going on can't be topped, ding-ding-ding - Vampires jello-wrestling. The ending was also very unexpected, and that was appreciated. Kudos for Luedke breaking the expected mold with that one.

It lost a star though because of the ease at which Michelle accepted Aaron taking Ana as a bloodslave in the first place, since in the 1st book she was so very adamant against it. I expected Michelle to be much angrier and for there to be some sort of wicked fight over it. I felt like Michelle's easy acceptance was a slight break of character.