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Darkness Seduced (Order of the Blade: Primal Heat Trilogy, #2)

Darkness Seduced (Order of the Blade: Primal Heat Trilogy, #2) - Stephanie Rowe 3.5 stars, so I'll round up. I loved Gideon's character. Lilly, not so much. Her character just felt so heavy, so much going on. I felt like instead of adding to the story, it almost took away from it. The beginning starts off running - really catching, exciting and I enjoyed it. Then after the hypothermia cure of hotdamn, please dump me in a river, Gideon! scene, it went downhill for a while. The story became muddled as several realizations were made one after the other without contemplation or follow through. You're the dick that murdered my grandparents and ruined my family, but sure, I'll have sex with you Lily's realization of who Gideon was could have led to a great point of contention/conflict - but it fell flat. And Gideon realizing who Lily was... In book one, its mentioned they all know the Dr. Lily (cant even recall her last name from the book) had been missing for two years, and Gideon says they had a dartboard with her picture on it... how many blonds named Lily in Oregon go missing for exactly two years?

Another thing that really bugged me was When lily gave Gideon her magic during that first battle in the woods, that technically should have counted towards TWO of the bound stages - she was showing him Trust and she was sacrificing herself for him.

The middle of the book dragged a bit, but picked up again near the end. Once the story started to progress I knew I would most likely be reading book 3.

One final note: The world is ending, and your thought is to go eat lasagna?