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Cost of Repairs

Cost of Repairs - A.M. Arthur I really liked this story. The characters were well written, as were the back stories. I like how hints were given about the stories, but they were allowed to develop naturally, discovered by the reader as the other characters discovered them. It made it hard to understand some of the character's actions and motivations sometimes, but in the end, it was worth the hold-back.

Both Rey and Samuel are dealing with past issues that keep messing up their chance at a stable present and a possibly great future together. They also clash with personality fights, most of which are over the kind of misunderstandings new relationships have. All of the side characters and their stories, like Jennie, were also interesting and helped tie everything together.

The book deals with many heavy issues, and there was a slight feeling of unfinished business at the end. Overall, though, I really enjoyed it and getting to know the town and characters that Arthur created. It made me smile many times and also pulled at my heart to easily earn 4 stars.