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The Myst Reader

The Myst Reader - Rand Miller, Robyn Miller Reading this series again was like visiting an old best friend from High School. It was every bit as good as I remembered, and being able to get all three books (which I had in paperback at one point but lost in a move) together in digital format was great. Myst was a game series I absolutely loved. Many game to book translations don't work or are written by (in my opinion) sub-par writers hashing together weak storylines. The Myst series, written by Rand Miller, defies the genre and is just as good as the games, if not more so.

The descriptions are beautiful, the characters full of life and the word building is exceptional - from the desert to the underground world of D'ni, to the worlds of Riven, Myst, Channelwood and beyond - all exceptional. The gripping storylines of characters like Artus and his father Ghen, Ti'ana and the fall of D'ni - better than most fantasy, and the mixture of science and magic is wonderful. Also, many pieces of Myst could even be considered steampunk - with puzzles, mechanisms and more.

This series is recommended for anyone who likes anything fantasy, scifi, steampunk or even just a really good series of stories.