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Starlight (Peaches Monroe) (Volume 2)

Starlight - Mimi Strong I got through this book last night but have been pondering over a rating for it. I'm not normally a fan of some of the things going on in this book or with parts of Peaches character, but there is just something so in your face about Peaches, that it makes you step back and reevaluate how you approach her. I think at least a small part of us wishes we could be as daring, brash, out there and 'exposed' as Peaches Monroe.

I do feel like Dalton was a bit over-vilified in a manner that seemed inconsistent with his character in book 1, almost as a necessity to make Peaches choices and actions simply easier for some to swallow. Keith, on the other hand, was a dream guy (aside from the eating habits.. and other ... oddities).

The issues with Kyle - I can understand how some people could have serious problems with this aspect of Peaches' character, but I think it explains a great deal about her and her approach to things. I think there is still a lot there to be explored and have a feeling that Peaches is going to have to deal with it in book 3.

One thing Mimi does well is write characters that aren't begging you to like them. They have flaws, some more apparent than others. Peaches isn't perfect, but she wouldn't be Peaches Monroe if she was.