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The Forbidden Book: A Novel

The Forbidden Book: A Novel - Joscelyn Godwin,  Guido Mina de Sospiro I received a free review copy from GoodReads and the Author. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this book. I wish my review could have been more favorable, but when one begins the blurb with a quoted "Watch out Dan Brown and Umberto Eco..." they should do so with caution, as they are setting up a reader's expectations and very much setting themselves up to fill some very large shoes. Despite having several moments of brilliance, The Forbidden Book left me with a flat feeling. It starts off with a bang (literally) but then falters with slow momentum, awkwardly orchestrated scene changes and characters that I could not get a real feel for or connection to. There was also a question of writing style that my mind had trouble finding a comfortable rhythm for. Normally all of this would have amounted to a two star review, but I can tell that there was a great deal of research and work that went into this book, and perhaps that was the problem. There seemed to be a need to get as much of that research as possible onto the pages which resulted in the text-book feel of the reading at times. There was also a decent plot underneath of the heavy hits with the research stick and the overall mystery surrounding the book was done rather well. I suppose I just went into this with the Dan Brown quote in mind and found myself disappointed.