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Darkness Awakened (Order of the Blade #1)

Darkness Awakened - Stephanie Rowe This book was bit of a mixed bag for me. There were parts about it that I really liked, but there were also parts that I really hated. I loved Grace's character. She was strong without coming off as a total B or being unapproachable, and I loved how she didn't just throw herself at the strong alpha or let destiny be decided for her. I liked some of the concepts in the book, such as the ancient warriors, how their weapons worked and the back story of Ezekiel. Quinn was okay, but sometimes he got on my nerves as a typical alpha male, complete with growls and possessiveness and talking like he was 25 even though he was 500 years old.

What I didn't like were the inconsistencies from one plot point to another and some of the convenient plot devices used example:They were in the middle of the woods with a need to be able to travel all over quickly at several different points, and lucky for them one of the new warriors introduced the chapter before can magically teleport people to wherever they need to go! There were also some odd things about the book that stuck with me and held me back from loving it, such as Oregon? Really? 2000 years of history, and its all in Oregon? Is this a future time, an alternate timeline / universe, or what? It was never explained. Some of the athletic feats of Quinn also made me groan - falling 60 feet, then leaping 60 feet to close the hatch; jumping up high into a tree.. I get that they are super powered warriors, but it felt so stretchy to me.

The author did do a good job of setting up the next book with Lily and Gideon Though I am not particularly interested in Lily's apparent talent as some sort of Calydon strip-tease dancer and I do have a sense that I would like Gideon more than Quinn.

The internal dialogue of Quinn and Grace was good in the beginning, but by the end of the book it had become dull and repetitive as they argued with themselves over and over again about the same issues. I found myself skimming in the hunt for the continuation of the plot. The plot was good, though, once you slog through everything else. It was a unique and interesting concept. I think if there had been more plot focus and less Quinn and Grace I would have enjoyed it more. I did like how the author dealt with the destiny issue with Quinn and Grace's final battle. Not sure if I will continue reading the series, but I am curious about Gideon.