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Decent YA read

The Taking - Kimberly Derting

"What if the life you're living is not your own."

First of all, that tagline makes no sense after reading the book. Perhaps it is in reference to the story later on, as this is a cliffhanger with a future book coming. 


A bit disappointed with this one, but still a decent read for YA. It has some interesting and unique plot points, mystery and thrill aspects that will keep you turning pages. Its also a quick read with great pacing and no dull moments. 


I did enjoy Kyra's experience on her return at finding five years had gone by without her in the blink of an eye. I think that was done well, with a tinge of eerie awkwardness mixed with a strange disconnect and disbelief. 


My issues came down to the following:


>Tyler was way too much of a stalker for my tastes - came on way to strong and way too soon. The moment Kyra gets back, he's all over her. It put me off of him as a character, and gave him a bit of a creepy vibe. 


>Written with a heavy-handed young adult voice, with the main character, Kyra, sounding somewhere between 13 and 16. I think, because of my age, I had trouble connecting to her.


>The actual science fiction felt skimmed-over, with much of it being left to 'I don't know' and 'not really sure' comments from Kyra and those around her.