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Alienbutt and a Galactic War over Coffee

War of the Coffee Bean - Glenn Scrimshaw

Satirical science fiction that got lost in a 6-year-old's brain.


That was my thought the entire time I was reading this. From the names (Piestoff Alienbutt from planet Sloppystool that's right next to planet Hardstool who meets people like Wickede and Blackarachnid) to the nuclear farts that require butt-plugs be worn... Oy.


Okay, potty humor aside, I liked the book. If the book hadn't had all the obvious attempts in over the top satire, it probably would have been 4 stars, one star being lost due to poor editing. Great satire is satirical without being obviously satirical.


It was highly imaginative. A galactic war over coffee shortage - that's awesome. It was fun in several places, had good pacing, was unique and offered some laughs. I think it just perhaps wasn't my cup of coffee.