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A hilarious, heartfelt journey

Dale Dent's Diary - Woody Miller

The synopsis on Amazon and Goodreads for this book are both way off and horribly written; they tout the book as being the "gay Bridget Jones", which it isn't. The blurbs totally ignore what this book actually is - a hilarious, heartfelt journey of one man trying to figure out what he wants and why he keeps self-destructing.  I think the misrepresenting blurb has hurt the book and is drawing the wrong readers.


Mr. Miller, if you're reading this - please fix your blurb. Here's mine:

Dale Dent is a Latino-Jewish-Gay man; a mixed-up minority within a minority who's quickly edging towards thirty with lacking hope in finding Mr. Right. The problem? Dale can't seem to understand that what's wrong with all the men around him is himself. Through hilariously written diary excerpts, exploits and vivid characters, follow along on Dale's journey of self-discovery. You'll probably never look at tweezers or toilet-paper rolls the same way again.


Hilarious, but also heartwarming in places, this book isn't a typical 'meet some one and fall in love' romance. The book is about one man's journey through a plethora of relationships, laughs, love, heartache and mistakes as he tries to figure out why he can't seem to find the right guy. Dale's character does start off as a bit whiny and superficial, but these are his diary entries. If you stick with it, you begin to glean little hidden bits about who Dale really is.


The sucker-punch comes at about 50% in, where a very short but insightful diary entry beautifully describes the heartache Dale is really feeling below the surface-character often presented in the other diary entries. Coupled with the character Richard, this book offered a wonderfully funny yet emotional glimpse into Dale's life. While it does end a bit abruptly, that ending emphasizes that this book wasn't about the romance - it was about the journey, and it was a journey I had a wonderful time reading.