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New Adult Melodrama Mystery

Dark Paradise - Angie Sandro

Based on the blurb, I went into this book expecting a creepy, mature, slightly dark murder mystery with perhaps some romance added in. Unfortunately, the book did not live up to this expectation.


The book itself is well written from a style and format point of view. It offers a captivating murder mystery tale in a small town that has been divided along bloodlines for centuries. Added into this is talk of hoodoo, paranormal activity, speaking with spirits and a strong female lead character.


The problems, for me, came down to the over-dramatic characters, reactions and the way everything quickly and neatly wrapped up at the end. The ending did surprise me, meaning I wasn't able to accurately 'guess who' until it was revealed, but the reveal felt like watching the end of a Scooby Doo episode when Old Man Parsons is unmasked. I think, perhaps, this might be my biggest issue with the book. I was expecting a mature read and got a New Adult melodrama-fest instead.


The characters in this book all seem to suffer from New Adult bi-polar disorder. Their emotions were up and down, constantly shifting on a dime. The reactions were unrealistic and took away from the eerie mystery feeling I think was intended for the book. This irked me throughout the read, because I wanted to feel that creepy vibe from all the paranormal stuff going on, but it was overshadowed by the teeny-drama going on in the Mystery Wagon.


I would recommend this book to New Adult readers who would enjoy a strong female lead, paranormal activity, a sub-plotted murder mystery and an angst-driven love triangle. I know that many readers will like it for those reasons, but if this had been made clear in the blurb, I wouldn't have read it. Just not my cuppa.


This reviewer was provided a copy in exchange for honest feedback.