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Good mature love story, but a bit slow

Worth the Fall - Claudia Connor

Worth The Fall is a mature, adult love story. Matt is a Navy SEAL who is having trouble leaving past ghosts behind. Abby is a pregnant mother of four with a tragic past and recently widowed from a loveless marriage. While the romance between Abby and Matt is believable, what I enjoyed most about this book were Matt's interactions with Abby's kids. There were several fun, beautiful moments.


The book, however, did seem to drag, on and on, repeating the same inner-dialogue struggles over and over again. Abby was afraid of trusting or depending on anyone to stay. Matt was dealing with a promise he made to a dead friend to stay in the SEALs. Both of these struggles are important to the character development, they were over-emphasized in a manner which made the story slump.


The romance between Matt and Abby was mature, well paced and believable. I'm not too keen on pregnancy romances, but I didn't mind it so much in this story. The kids were super-adorable, sweet to the point being almost overly so. Matt's parents and family had understandable reactions to his relationship with a pregnant woman.


I do feel that some of the side characters, like William, the two 'girlfriends' at the beginning, and Abby's deceased husband, were written specifically in a way which made them obviously detestable in order to give the reader more reason to root for Abby and Matt. Overall, though, I enjoyed the read and would recommend it to others who enjoy a more mature love-story.